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North Dublin Counselling & Psychotherapy

We believe that counselling and psychotherapy should be available to everyone regardless of their financial means. Our clients often tell us that therapy is not cheap, and we at Marino Counselling & Psychotherapy strongly believe that mental health supports should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Fees are negotiable and proportionate to your income and ability to pay. We have both senior trainees and fully qualified therapists available.


We can help with a wide variety of issues. Whether you are currently struggling with a particularly difficult process in your life, or simply trying to gain a better insight or understanding of yourself, we are here to support you. The following are some of the issues that we are experienced in working with bereavement counselling, anxiety, depression, addiction, psychotherapy.

Our Services


Psychotherapy is a tool that helps us to both better understand our emotions, and to help us improve the way our emotions work for us. Psychotherapy is designed to correct the difficulties we face in understanding ourselves and others, in trusting others and communicating successfully what it is we are feeling. Ideally, it also helps us to feel peaceful and confident, authentic and unashamed.

Depression Counselling

Many people think that treatment for depression means medication. However, whilst correctly prescribed medication is helpful for many people, research also shows that talking therapies such as depression counselling or psychotherapy for depression are effective at not only treating the symptoms of depression, but also at understanding and addressing the underlying causes in order to help prevent recurrences.


When we can no longer control these feelings, or they begin to interfere with our life this is when we can seek help. Remember Anxiety is a treatable condition and you do not need to suffer in silence, support and help for anxiety is available at our clinic in Marino, Dublin.


Bereavement counselling can be a very important part of the bereavement process. When someone close to us dies, many of us will face what is one of the most psychologically distressing experiences we will face.

Low Cost Counselling

At Marino Counselling and Psychotherapy, we have the facility to offer psychotherapy and counselling at a low cost via our team of Trainee therapists and counsellors. We have both recently qualified psychotherapists and counsellors working with us, as well as a number of trainees

Addication Psychotherapy

When we talk about addiction, we refer to a recurring pattern of behaviour or compulsion to engage in an activity, despite harmful consequences to an individual’s mental health, family or social life. There are many forms of addiction Psychotherapy will help you to identify what problems you are trying to solve with your addictive behaviour, and what emotions “trigger” you to engage in that behaviour

Our Counsellors

Orla Grace

BA Psychology & Sociology (Hons), H. Dip Counselling and Psychotherapy

Orla is a qualified therapist and Psychology graduate. She would describe herself as passionate, adaptable and deeply empathetic towards human struggle. Find out more

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Kevin McSwiggan

MA Counselling and Psychotherapy
Kevin holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and has worked for many years in private practice. He has experience working with both men and women, of all ages and backgrounds. Find out more
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Alan Oates

BA Anthropology (Hons), H.Dip Counselling & Psychotherapy , MA Psychotherapy

Alan is a fully qualified Psychotherapist who has worked with such organisations as The ISPCC, LIR Psychological Services and DePaul Ireland. Find out more

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