Here at Marino Counselling and Psychotherapy, we have the facility to offer low cost online counselling and psychotherapy services no v ia Zoom. Within our higher level training programme senior trainees undertaking their final modules offer On line counselling to those in need of this service. On line counselling has become essential for some and a much needed option for others.

What the client needs for a productive experience:

  • A strong internet connection
  • Ability to use a working camera and microphone

  • To have a space that they can speak privately for 50 mins

Benefits of low cost online counselling :

  • Flexible time arrangements. With therapists working off sight there is a greater time selection, an understanding of the time constraints people are currently under and a recognition of people work life balance.
  • Affordable sessions (25 Euro per session). In todays world, we should be able to access high quality therapy and affordable prices
  • The convenience that is provided with no need to travel.
  • It provides a setting that is accessible to those who are unable to access in person counselling Ability to use your home environment or another comfortable location. Making the therapy space one that suits your own needs

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